WATCH | Three times the national anthem was mauled

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For many South Africans, the national anthem is a symbol of patriotism and a source of pride, so when professional musicians take to the stage and mangle it, it's not surprising that they get hate.  

Here are three times the SA anthem has been butchered.

Ard Matthews 

Ard Matthews "sings" at the Springbok 2011 World Cup Team announcement and destroys our great anthem. An embarrassment!. I still don't know what his deal is, but I did find good deals at

During the Springbok World Cup team announcement in 2011, Matthews fumbled parts of the anthem. Matthews made several mistakes while singing the isiXhosa and Sesotho parts and then proceeded to giggle, saying he was nervous. 

Ras Dumisani 

Watch, as Ras Dumisani sings what he believes to be his beautiful version of the South African National Anthem, before the 20-13 Test match defeat to France.

Before a rugby test match between the Springboks and France in 2009, Ras Dumisani performed his own rendition of the anthem, which included a bit of a reggae twist and some random high notes.

Kurt Darren 

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The Afrikaans singer Kurt Darren dominated social media on Monday after messing up the Sesotho part of the national anthem during a Varsity Cup rugby game in Stellenbosch.

SA artist Kurt Darren had social media buzzing after he sang the South African national anthem at the Varsity Cup rugby match in Stellenbosch on April 15 2019. While singing, he made various mistakes with the lyrics and people quickly took to Twitter to point it out. Darren has since defended himself, claiming that he only made one mistake.