‘Gucci Grace’ Mugabe ‘draws blood again’

Grace Mugabe
Grace Mugabe
Image: Supplied/DispatchLIVE

Grace Mugabe, the wife of long-time former Zimbabwean ruler Robert Mugabe, has been accused of attacking an employee at the family’s home with a shoe in 2017, lawyers said on Tuesday.

She also faces an arrest warrant in SA for her alleged assault with a power cable on a female model in Johannesburg in the same year.

Papers filed in Zimbabwe’s high court by lawyers for Shupikai Chiroodza allege that Mugabe used her fists and then her shoe in a prolonged attack that left blood pouring down Chiroodza’s face.

Mugabe allegedly attacked Chiroodza after accusing her of “milking” her husband after she accepted a cash wedding gift from him, the papers say.

Chiroodza was a government employee working at the Mugabes’ private Blue Roof mansion in Harare when the alleged attack took place in March 2017, eight months before then president Mugabe was forced from office.

In her court papers demanding her job back, Chiroodza said Grace Mugabe punched her and ordered her to return an unspecified amount of money.