WATCH | Bystanders horrified as actor falls victim to vicious road rage attack

Police are investigating a case of assault in Makhanda after a video showing an apparent road rage incident went viral. No one has been arrested yet for the incident which took place on May 19, 2019. Subscribe to TimesLIVE here:

A shocking video of a road rage incident is circulating on social media, showing a heavyset man brutally attacking a fellow motorist at the busy intersection of Beaufort and Bathurst streets in Makhanda.

The incident, captured on camera by Rhodes University employee Anelisa Donyeli, took place on Sunday afternoon in front of horrified bystanders including children.

The video has sparked outrage among Makhanda residents. It was viewed 70,000 times and shared 1,180 times by late afternoon on Wednesday.

The victim is shown in the 30-second video taking a barrage of upper-cut punches and being slammed on the tar road is 23-year-old drama graduate and actor Sivuyile Gcaba.

Gcaba is the son of Port Alfred and former Makhanda police cluster commander Col Vuyile Gcaba, who died after retiring, and brother to Constable Abongile Gcaba of the Makhanda police.

Speaking at his Musgrave Street home in Sunnyside, Makhanda, on Wednesday, Gcaba said the incident had left him traumatised. “I am having nightmares daily and I get frightened every time I see a middle-aged male outside.”

Gcaba said: “ He bumped my car from behind while I was stopping at a red traffic light.

“When I got out to observe the dent, he was already out charging forward and started assaulting me.

“I don't understand why he attacked me because he is the one who bumped me.”

Gcaba said the beating had left him with torn lips, loose teeth, a swollen face and bruises to his body.

“I received medical attention from doctors at Settler's Hospital and I was released the same day.”

In the video, after beating Gcaba, the man gets back into his double cab bakkie, which is jammed against the rear end of Gcaba’s Tazz.

Gcaba then regains consciousness, stumbles to his feet, charges at the bakkie, rips open the door, and appears to throw punches at the driver.

But Gcaba said he was not attacking the man, but was trying to grab the key in the ignition to prevent the driver from leaving.

The man manages to free himself from Gcaba, who is joined by two other men who try to pull him away.

The driver then closes the door and hits the accelerator, shunting the Tazz forward for metres before driving off on the wrong side of the road.

A man is seen falling out of the Tazz, who Gcaba said was his friend Athi Mthakathi.

He said his friend had decided to jump from the moving Tazz and injured his knee in the process.

The Makhanda police are investigating a case of assault.

Provincial police spokesperson Capt Mali Govender said: “A case of common assault has been opened but no one has been arrested at the moment.”

On Sunday, at 9.26am, Donyeli posted the video on her Facebook page and wrote: “This happened in Grahamstown, Beaufort Street. A ... male drove into a guy's car, when confronted he beat the owner of the car he drove into.

“Check out the video at the end bethunani this ... man had no regard for the people inside the Toyota Tazz, bystanders and other drivers on the road.

“Yhuuu sembi kengoku [it’s ugly] I hope he’s found and speedy recovery to the victim who was beat up kule [in this] road rage.”

The suspect remained at large, said Govender.