Cattle thieves suspected of stabbing popular farmer before making off with bakkie, firearm, phone and wallet

Shock at Kwelera cattle farmer’s brutal killing

Farmer Shaun Brett Krull’s body was found at the feedlot on Mitchell’s Bon Farm, in Kwelera, on Friday morning.
HORROR FIND: Farmer Shaun Brett Krull’s body was found at the feedlot on Mitchell’s Bon Farm, in Kwelera, on Friday morning.

East Coast farmers are in shock following the slaying of popular cattle farmer Shaun Brett Krull, 48, on Mitchell’s Bon Farm, in Kwelera some time after 6pm on Thursday.

Police said his body was found the next morning at 8am.

Krull’s Toyota Hilux 4x4 single-cab bakkie, 9mm firearm, wallet and cellphone were stolen, said Krull’s distraught brother Alwyn in an interview at midday on Friday.

“It appears he was ambushed at the feedlot by a number of people we suspect were involved in cattle theft.

“Early on Friday morning, we tried to contact him, but both his phone and radio were off.”

He said a fence worker discovered Krull’s body lying on the ground.

“He had been stabbed several times and it seemed they ran over his body with his bakkie, which they then drove off in.”

The bakkie had not been found.

He said the murder happened after a spate of cattle thefts in the area.

“I have had three cousins who have all lost cattle in the area. Something has to be done about this or we will have more murders. Up until now, it has been cattle which have been slaughtered. Now it is humans.

“He was devoted to his cattle and farming,” his brother said.

Krull was a former Cambridge High School pupil and avid hunter.

The police confirmed the murder and robbery.

East London police spokesperson Captain Hazel Mqala said he was found lying in a pool of blood on the 400ha farm on Friday at 8am. He had been stabbed twice in the upper body, she said.

“The man was found at 8am lying on his back with two stab wounds to his upper body. The deceased was found on the grazing field by farmworkers who reported it to the SAPS.”

Mqala said the motive behind the killing was not yet known.

“No arrests have been made, but we are following up on positive information.”

Mqala said: “The SAPS at the crime scene established on further investigation that his bakkie, cellphone, and wallet were missing.”

Alwyn said that on Thursday at 6pm, his brother went out to the farm to inspect his 350 head of Brahman cattle.

Alwyn said Krull did not live on the farm, but checked regularly on the livestock.

He said the three Krull brothers, including Leon, lived on Alwyn’s neighbouring Sunrise Egg Farm.

He said: “I got a call at 9.30am from the guy we contracted to do the fence telling me that his supervisor found Shaun. We were meant to meet at 6o’clock this morning [Friday].”

The Krull brothers are nephews of Tyityiba Nature Reserve owner and East Coast tycoon EV Krull. Describing his brother, Alwyn said: “Shaun was a very kind person and got along with everyone. He was a quiet guy who never harmed anyone.”

Alwyn said Krull had run the cattle farm alone for 20 years.

He said he lived a quiet, single life and was well liked by the community.

Krull was born on the farm on which he was killed, he said.

According to a friend who did not want to be named, the farm is owned by property mogul Sisa Ngebulana.

Krull is survived by three brothers and a sister.