WATCH | Police rescue naked runner on busy EC highway

Meanwhile in Eastern Cape!

Posted by Intelligence Bureau SA on Tuesday, October 8, 2019

A man who has been seen running naked on the N2 outside Port Elizabeth has been apprehended by police and taken to a psychiatric hospital.

In a viral video the unidentified man is seen running, naked on the road.

A voice can be heard saying “Zange ndayibona into enje” (I have never seen anything like this) the man later says “Yho akunzima” (This is difficult) as two traffic officers try to arrest the man.

Eastern Cape department of transport spokesperson Unathi Bhinqose said the incident happened last week.

“This was a mentally disturbed guy, he was spotted by our patrolling officers on the N2 just outside PE. He was arrested and handed over to the police who took him to one of the mental hospital in PE.”

He said police were still trying to find the man's family.

“We are compelled to arrest those people, nobody is allowed to be walking on the side of the freeway like the N2, it's even more dangerous when you are seeing a mentally disturbed person, and the fact that he was naked is one of the things that caught the attention of our officers compelling them to act and ended up arresting him.”

“He is safe in a mental hospital and we are trying to find his family to make sure he is united with his family. “

The mentally ill man was taken to a hospital in Port Elizabeth.
The mentally ill man was taken to a hospital in Port Elizabeth.
Image: Screengrab from Facebook video