Daron Mann axed from breakfast show

Algoa FM DJ Daron Mann
Algoa FM DJ Daron Mann
Image: Twitter/ Daron Mann

Algoa FM DJ Daron Mann has been fired.

The outspoken DJ confirmed on Friday morning that he had been axed, via e-mail, late on Thursday afternoon.

The fierce animal activist was suspended two weeks ago for calling the dairy industry horrific.

Mann’s suspension enraged legions of animal activists and fans who started a petition — signed by thousands — demanding he be brought back on air and slamming Algoa FM for backing commercial interests over “the truth”.

Mann found himself on the wrong side of his employer after a chat with co-host Charlton Tobias on September 27 — Hug a Vegetarian Day.

During the conversation, Mann said while he was a vegetarian he was not yet vegan.

Saying that was a shame, he uttered the words “because the dairy industry is horrific”.

He said that people could benefit from excluding animal products from their diet.

He was suspended after a dairy, an Algoa FM client, complained about the comment.

Algoa FM MD Alfie Jay was not immediately available for comment.