PE taxi owner arrested for R160,000 worth of traffic fines


A 33-year-old Port Elizabeth taxi owner with 69 warrants of arrest for outstanding traffic fines worth R160,000  has been arrested.

The man appeared at the municipal traffic court on Tuesday and was released on R2,000 bail.

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality head of traffic and licensing Warren Prins said the suspect had been evading the traffic department for months and was finally tracked to his house over the weekend.

“The man is one of the top 50 suspects with warrants of arrest for outstanding traffic fines,” Prins said.

“I am confident that his arrest will send a clear message to those with outstanding traffic fines that we are coming for them — we will continue to track down the 49 other suspects with intensified efforts at roadblocks and home visits,” he said.

Between November 18 and 24, speed cameras in 60km/h zones recorded an average speed of 92km/h and a highest speed of 134km/h.

The highest speed in a 70km/h zone was 119km/h and the average speed 87 km/h.

In 80km/h zones, the highest speed recorded was 160km/h and 87km/h on average.

Prins said plans were afoot to address the callous lawlessness on Nelson Mandela Bay roads as it put the lives of law-abiding motorists and pedestrians in jeopardy.

“We need to make sure that the average speeds in all these zones are drastically reduced,” Prins said.