SA places 6th on best wildlife countries to visit in Africa

Image: Pexels

Botswana and Tanzania beat SA hands down for wildlife safari tourism.

This is according to a study by of more than 4‚000 reviews written by tourists and Africa safari experts.

Botswana has been crowned Africa’s best safari country for the second year in a row.

“The diversity and concentration of wildlife in Botswana is found in few other places in Africa‚” the citation reads.

“The Okavango Delta is a draw for many and boasts Africa’s biggest elephant population‚ while hearing the roar of a black-maned Kalahari lion will stay with you forever.”

In second place‚ by a close margin‚ is Tanzania.

“Given the exceptional wildlife-viewing opportunities in parks such as the superlative Serengeti and the wildlife-rich Ngorongoro Conservation Area‚ including the stunning annual wildebeest migration‚ this was unsurprising.

“On top of this‚ Tanzania shone through as the overall favourite for its scenic value.”

Botswana‚ which supports 550 recorded bird species‚ was also rated as the best country for birdwatching.

Zimbabwe‚ Zambia and Kenya all placed ahead of SA‚ which was in sixth place.

The positives for SA were “excellent and easily accessible wildlife viewing”‚ the range of self-drive‚ package or custom safaris for any budget‚ a wide variety of habitats and scenery‚ excellent service and a well-run tourist industry‚ good infrastructure and shops.

The negatives were listed as “less wilderness appeal and fenced parks‚ overcrowded popular parks and high crime rates in cities”.