'There shall be no dogs that will be walked': Bheki Cele

You may not walk your dog during the 21-day lockdown, police minister Bheki Cele said on Wednesday.
You may not walk your dog during the 21-day lockdown, police minister Bheki Cele said on Wednesday.
Image: 123rf.com/Tatiana Katsai

Can you walk your dog during lockdown? 

No! The government's message on this has shifted.

On Wednesday morning, health minister Zweli Mkhize said on SABC that South Africans would be able to walk their dogs and go for "short jogs" during the lockdown.

But police minister Bheki Cele contradicted this message on Wednesday evening during a briefing by the security cluster, saying there will be no dog walking "except in the house".

"There was a big story earlier that you can walk your dogs. There shall be no dogs that will be walked. The cluster met and discussed and agreed that it doesn’t enhance the [lockdown] call made by the president," he said.

"If you do really want to walk your dog: around your house. It ends there. It can’t go beyond that."

Will electricians, plumbers and other tradesmen be allowed to make house calls to fix problems like leaks or faults?

They are likely to be given the green light to fix urgent problems like leaks or electrical faults, since they do not clash with the health minister’s priorities.

Can we get together for a braai?

Definitely not! “We really want people to exercise restraint ... If people think they can go around gallivanting, we are going to pay a price for it.”

Gatherings like braais would cause huge problems, he added.

Can people move from one province to another?

No, the lockdown is intended to limit large movements, including those during the Easter holidays. "People must stay put ... must stay at home and keep their distance."

Why stop the taxis and the trains?

"It’s the mixing of people that we want to limit ... There will be restrictions to allow only people supporting essential services on the roads," said the minister.

"We want people at the same location for three weeks, during which time the virus either slows itself or burn itself out.”