Durban snake catcher saves mama python from being cattle herder’s lunch

Nick Evans rescued a python from becoming a meal.
Nick Evans rescued a python from becoming a meal.
Image: Nick Evans/Facebook

Well-known Durban snake catcher Nick Evans had his hands full after being called in to catch a python in the Osindisweni area in KwaZulu-Natal.

A cattle herder had caught the python and apparently planned to eat it, but a resident convinced him not to and called Evans instead.

The herder also discovered eggs in the python’s den.

Evans found the snake in bad condition in a bucket. It was about 3.5m long.

The snake catcher said he was worried about the state of the eggs.

The python had been kept in a bucket.
The python had been kept in a bucket.
Image: Nick Evans/Facebook

“Pythons lose a lot of weight after laying eggs. During the three-month incubation process, they do not eat at all and become really skinny. Once the babies hatch and disperse, the mother will go off in and lie in an ambush position, hoping for a small animal to pass by. If it doesn’t eat soon, it can die.”

After being led to the den Evans found all 25 eggs had hatched. A decision was made to leave the baby pythons in the hole as tunnel systems for pythons run deep.

“We decided to leave them after the residents said they didn’t mind. A relief. It must be noted not all the babies will survive. In fact, probably very few will as they have loads of natural predators.”

Evans said he was grateful he had the chance to save the python.

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