Have you been struggling to get a paid-up letter from Edgars or Jet?

Over the past year and a half, I have struggled with getting balances, paid up letters and queries dealt with by Edgars and Jet under the umbrella of Edcon.

On 29 April 2020, Edcon was placed under business rescue pursuant to the filing of a resolution in terms of Section 129(1) of the Companies Act 71 of 2008 (“the Act”) on 28 April 2020. This has put any consumer with an Edcon account in a sticky situation, not only the consumers under debt review.

Why is it important to have a paid-up letter for any of your accounts that you have finished paying? Simply put its to stop any future issues. Many consumers have experienced the dread of receiving a letter or a call from a collector regarding an account that they thought was paid up.

There are many reasons you may be called for an account you thought you paid up. (read this article about being “blacklisted”) Perhaps the account was incorrectly on-sold, perhaps you paid a lesser settlement balance offered to you and the collector didn’t mark it as paid up and now the surplus remained as unsettled or perhaps you paid your settlement offer later than the time given to you to do so. Therefore it is so important to request a letter stating the account has been paid up and settled in full. You may be wondering how long to keep that for, I would recommend keeping it with your Will and other important documents indefinitely.

If you are having trouble with getting hold of Edcon you should check 2 places, 1 is the RCS Group and the other is Nimble Group as some accounts were on-sold to these entities. In the NCR Circular 06 OF 2021 outlining the resolution reached between the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and the Business Rescue Practitioners of Edcon Limited (Edcon) gave a solution.

A written enquiry of the account should be sent to RCS Group – / and Nimble Group – Where the response is that consumer account was not on-sold to either RCS or the Nimble Group, the account will be regarded as settled/paid up in full, prescribed, or not subject to any form of collection by Edgars/Jet. If you need information on other credit issues feel free to visit our website and read through some articles under the “in the media” tab.

For personal assistance with your debt feel free to call 086 100 1047.


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