Resilient Sam has sights set on career on airwaves

Thina Sam, a Walter Sisulu University graduate, has a passion for advertising, public relations, broadcasting and marketing. Sam has a BTech in public relations management.
Thina Sam, a Walter Sisulu University graduate, has a passion for advertising, public relations, broadcasting and marketing. Sam has a BTech in public relations management.
Image: Sibongile Ngalwa

Thina Sam, a charismatic public relations graduate, dreams of one day taking to the airwaves as a national radio host.

Sam, a 26-year-old with a passion for advertising, broadcasting, public relations and marketing, graduated with a BTech degree in public relations from the Walter Sisulu University in 2018.

Since then, she has done voluntary work at local radio stations such as Kumkani FM, Izwi Lethemba and Keith Ngesi Radio.

“I have three years experience in advertising, PR, broadcasting and marketing. I worked with Kumkani FM, specialising in film and broadcasting. While I was there I had the opportunity to become a production manager.

“I also worked for the University of Fort Hare as a PR intern. Because of my eagerness to succeed, I took part in developing the Square Africa Magazine, about which I did television appearances on BayTV,” said Sam, who is hunting for a permanent job.

With some experience in public relations, Sam has put herself out there to learn as much as she can.

“I am a big dreamer, I do not want to limit myself. With my degree I would love to go on to national radio as a host. I also see myself as a Speaker in parliament. I see myself on television and I see myself travelling the world,” said Sam.

The journey to graduation was not easy for Sam. Losing her grandmother and mother within a year of each other was one of the setbacks she experienced.

“When the two matriarchs in my life died I was left to face the world alone. I was down and out for two years. I worked as a domestic worker during that time just to make ends meet. My life turned around when a relative of mine reminded me of my potential and how well I had passed my matric,” said Sam.

That propelled Sam to push hard for the things she wanted to achieve. The four years at WSU groomed her into the resilient person that she is today.

“I learnt so much during my time at WSU. The time I spent there offered experience of love, anger, grudges and happiness, all which showed me what life is actually like,” said Sam.

Working as a waitress at a popular East London restaurant, Sam was able to move out of home while the search for further employment continued.

“As young people in South Africa, we go to university with the ambition and dream that one day you can change your life and your family’s life. You complete your degree but come to a standstill when you can’t find employment.

“It really is a tough time for the youth of South Africa at the moment. I went through a phase of submitting 50 job applications a week but to no avail. So I am currently waitressing while trying to find my feet,” said Sam.

This optimistic young graduate is busy writing a book titled A rose through a rock. “Because I don’t want to limit myself, I have realised that I have abilities that I am yet to find out about myself and abilities that are yet to be developed. So I am writing this book with the hope of inspiring the next person. I want young people to know that their dreams are valid. If you are the only one who sees the vision, that is okay. Your dreams can become a reality.”

lThina Sam can be contacted on 079 -948 -8383.

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