African leaders fail continent with autocratic rule

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation a week ago announced that there was NO WINNER for their coveted prize for outstanding leadership displayed by African leaders to improve the lives of their people and adherence to the rule of law. This announcement didn’t receive much attention from the media and people who are aware of matters of governance.

The announcement highlights serious shortcomings in the leadership of the people who are leading us. How can there be not a single statesman who shines in a continent with 54 states? It’s really demoralising to realise we are led by individuals who are more interested in serving their own interests than the interests of the poor man on the street.

Africa is said to be the richest continent in terms of mineral resources but her people continue to suffer from disease, hunger and lack basic services.

It’s disappointing that we removed the yoke of oppression and colonialism decades ago, yet our people continue to suffer indignity while a few elite continues to accumulate wealth.

Angola’s Dos Santos appointed his daughter into a high position after questions were raised about the billions she acquired questionably. Uganda’s Museveni during the elections in that country, subjected his opponent to the harshest treatment and appointed his wife into government to supplement that.

Africa has not progressed in terms of producing quality leadership. Instead we have retained autocrats who have been in office for decades. Our former masters must be laughing at us. — Samkelo Latakisa, via e-mail

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