Churches misguided

The ANC resorting to prayers (“ANC ‘like the biblical Moses’ – Destined to lead to the ‘promised land’, says SACC” DD, June 24) is reminiscent of the religious rites for the dying, in which saddened family members don sackcloth and ashes and parade their bereavement for all to see. — Bill Gould, Southernwood

WHAT a joke to read that the ANC has convinced church leaders to join them in a march for a divine hand of favour in the local government elections. These church leaders should be assisting this ANC government by praying for the rooting out of all this fraud and corruption that is going on in their ranks and an end to all the jobs for pals and tenders for friends and families.

They should not be praying with the ANC for the party to win the elections.

They should pray to rid the party of all the evil going on within its ranks, for a divorce from the Guptas and other influential people who are pushing them towards corrupt decisions which at the end of the day, impact against our success as a country. Yes, pray, but pray for the right reasons, ANC. — Brian, via e-mail

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