Jacob Zuma must admit he has lost grip on country and resign

The Tshwane violence refers. What does President Jacob Zuma expect from fed up citizens? Is it not violence? People are fed up and demanding attention with violence.

The president is fed up with the EFF demanding answers from him and resorts to strong-arm tactics in parliament with the “white shirts”.

Now people have been shown a solution to the current problems.

The president cannot be the first person to decry violence when he knows people are watching the parliament events daily and have seen the “white shirts” bringing violence to a dignified place in the country.

He must just say “I have lost grip of the country and I hereby tender my resignation with immediate effect.” — Skhu, East London

THE word democracy is used frequently by the ANC, yet it is the lack of democracy that led to the Tshwane riots. Democracy is found where the will of the majority of the people is recognised. In Tshwane two groups of ANC members were vying for their man to become the next mayor.

Because a small group of ANC big shots saw this as splitting the ANC vote, they decided to reject the will of the people and nominate an outsider, Thoko Didiza.

Surely that cannot be called democratic. The ANC can shout their heads off that this uprising is the work of criminals but who is going to believe them? — Donald Card, via e-mail

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