Thanks for arrest aid

Special thanks to Eastern Beach lifeguards and Nahoon Point rangers who helped police nab two suspects in connection with the robbery of a man and his son near Bats Cave on Thursday afternoon.

The two allegedly had a knife and a panga and took their victims’ cellphones, wallets and shoes, leaving them to walk barefoot to the Reef Cafe.

On hearing what had happened, the river control officer quickly reported the incident and the SAPS, lifeguards and rangers were hot on the robbers’ trail.

A quick-thinking lifeguard alerted the police at Quigney Spar after spotting two suspicious men at Eastern Beach and assisted the police in a dramatic chase.

The police grabbed one suspect while the lifeguard tackled the other who ran onto the beach. Both suspects were apprehended and the man and his son went to positively identify the suspects at Fleet Street Police Station and recover all their items. It is good to have people like this in our community willing to go beyond their call of duty to give East London hope. — Natureboy, via e-mail

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