Political parties must help educate their supporters

It is so frustrating to see people burning tyres in the streets because they are not happy about the nomination process for municipal candidates.

It has become a fashion in this country for people to burn tyres if they are not happy about something.

I am going to put the blame squarely on political parties for not educating their members about the procedures that should be followed if someone is not happy about the nomination of a candidate.

That is an internal matter for each party and must be resolved within the parameters of the party. It should not be people always fighting with the state if they are unhappy about party processes.

I was shocked to hear that a certain woman tried to burn a multimillion-rand purpose centre at Soweto on Sea because her mother was not included on the candidates’ list. People should respect the democratic processes and anyone found destroying the state property should be prosecuted. — Name supplied, Eastern Cape

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