State of ANC stranger than fiction in final lap to polls

Republicans have named Donald Trump as their official nominee for the American presidency.

Gwede Mantashe, the ANC secretary-general, insists on implementing the party’s decision that Motsoeneng and his similarly incompetent board chair, Mbulaheni Maguvhe, leave the SABC. They’re inept.

But, Motsoeneng remains in charge and his boss, Faith Muthambi, did not even bother to show up at the meeting called by the ANC to discuss Motsoeneng’s dismissal.

Muthambi is just a rookie minister yet Luthuli House has no power of over her.

This simply shows that President Jacob Zuma, to whom Muthambi answers, is completely in control of the ANC.

The co-called collective leadership holds no sway over its president. The fact is, Zuma does as he pleases.

The signs have long been there. Besides Motsoeneng, Dudu Myeni is still chair of SAA despite her lack of competence for the job. And, the proposed investigation into the Gupta’s toxic influence over Zuma and his proxies has been aborted.

The list of examples showing an unhinged president is endless. All of it defies common-sense. And it is definitely not good for the ANC’s campaign.

The ANC’s challenges get worse: Zuma is the face of the party. He is affable and tells good jokes, but his political worth is at it’s lowest level. He has dragged the ANC into his endless problems. But now the party has his face on its massive billboards all over country, including at airports.

Even Cape Town’s airport is adorned with ANC billboards bearing Zuma’s face. Can someone please explain to me why a party on a decline can advertise itself using the face of a person with dismal ratings? Is this really the kind of advertisement that seeks to improve the fortunes of a party?

However, it’s not all lost for the ANC. Nominating mayoral candidates before the election was a smart move. It was obviously occasioned by the declining brand of the party, but the decision was shrewd nonetheless.

Some mayoral candidates have better ratings than the party.

This is certainly true, for instance, of Danny Jordaan and Parks Tau. Jordaan is unlike most of Zuma’s appointments. He has excelled as mayor of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro. Corrupt officials have been fired, rubbish is being collected, the municipality has taken over old-age homes, most of which were in a terrible state, and schools have returned to normalcy as non-teaching staff are employed to attend to cleaning, secretarial and security duties.

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