Apathy and inefficiency to blame for state failing EC schools

“State fails EC schools” (DD, August 20) is indicative of the lack of power of national government and the lack of capacity by the Eastern Cape department of education officials.

This is a direct result of the influence of Sadtu and the apathy and lack of work ethics in education today, especially in rural and township schools.

We had high expectations recently to see a huge advert sourcing experienced and successful past principals to mentor weak schools, but this too was simply to gain votes before the elections. More empty promises and the dismal education continues.

Until there are mentors to guide and report directly to the EC department of education, nothing will change.

There are still thousands of schools without basic resources as there is no desire or capacity to spend the resources wisely, as most is used to pay salaries of ineffective and inefficient officials. — Hilton Williams

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