Bravo Mantshantsha

“Free us from our liberators” by Sikonathi Mantshantsha (SD, September 3) refers. I believe Mr Mantshantsha deserves a full round of applause. I admire his courage in exposing what was always evident, but what we could not mention.

For sharing the same kind of information regarding the liberation movements in the 80s, I was branded by my “intellectual” and “Marxist/socialist” friends in East London, as a “colonialist”, “racist”, “stooge of apartheid”, and the omnipresent “fascist”. In the early eighties I knew of the horrors at Quatro and many others, and the behaviour of many of the now fat cats of the disgraced ANC. I knew of the golden lives of the exiles in the European capitals, of their being fêted with champagne and bestowed with degrees, the darlings of British and European socialist daydreamers. I feared that once in power some would renege on the ideals of true democracy and loot the state coffers. Shame on them. Our country is now on the verge of being classified with junk status.

Thanks to Mr Mantshantsha I feel fully vindicated. — Vic Tabanelli, Gonubie

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