Zuma shows no loyalty to anyone

“I have always maintained a position of not speaking out publicly about any differences I may harbour against my leaders and my organisation, the ANC.

“I would only have done so when I thought that some important organisational matters compel me to raise my concerns. Today I have decided to break with that tradition.

“The position of president is one that must at all times unite this country behind a vision and programme that seeks to make tomorrow a better day than today for all South Africans. It is a position that requires the respect of all South Africans, which of course must be earned at all times … And bluntly, if not arrogantly, in the face of such persistent widespread criticism, condemnation and demand, is it asking too much to express the hope that you will choose the correct way that is gaining momentum, to consider stepping down?”

These words were written by ANC stalwart Ahmed “Uncle Kathy” Kathrada in a letter to President Jacob Zuma one year ago. The same words were quoted by another ANC stalwart, Kgalema Motlanthe at Kathrada’s funeral in Johannesburg last week.

This was the same funeral where those assembled honoured the former minister of finance Pravin Gordhan for his brave stand against the unrelenting machinations Gupta/Zuma aligned parties.

“Pravin, irrespective of whether you are minister or not in the days or weeks to come, you remain true to the values and principles that Ahmed Kathrada would be proud of,” said Neeshan Balton, director of the Kathrada Foundation at that funeral.

Gordhan and his deputy, Mcebisi Jonas, were the main targets in a massively reckless Cabinet reshuffle. It was one in which good ministers were pushed out while those who are utterly terrible at their jobs, such as Bathabile Dlamini, the Social Development Minister and queen of the Sassa drama, are still sitting pretty in Cabinet.

Even more perturbing was Zuma’s decision to reshuffle Cabinet without consulting the very same “collective leadership” that has stood by him and protected him, ensuring that he has remained at the helm for all these years.

“We were given a list that was complete and my own view as the secretary-general, I felt like this has been developed somewhere else and it’s given to us to legitimise it,” ANC SG Gwede Mantashe was quoted saying.

The use of patently bogus “intelligence” as grounds upon which to fire Gordhan and Jonas, shows the magnitude of Zuma’s lack of leadership and honour.

Maybe this time, it is clear to ANC leaders and MPs who have religiously shielded Zuma that Zuma shows no loyalty to anyone.

Zuma has not only betrayed his own family, his country and his ANC, but he has betrayed himself.

With its massive power the ANC delivered the presidency of this country to him. But seemingly with new friends such as the Guptas and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, Zuma can’t be bothered to attend to the ANC.

Those who imagine they are darlings of Zuma, such as the likes of the new Minister of Finance, Malusi Gigaba, and the other newly appointed ministers should be aware – this is Gedleyihlekisa, soon you will learn that he has no allegiance to anyone!

The Constitutional Court lambasted him for failing to uphold his oath of office over the Nkandla matter, something which should have seen him removed from office. Yet even then, the ANC shielded him. Now the darling of the ANC has turned against the ANC itself!

Kathrada, like the Constitutional Court, found it necessary to tell Zuma what is expected of a president. A president must unite a country around a unifying vision for all the people. But Zuma has failed to unite the country or the ANC. Instead he has brought immense division and he continues to drive in these wedges to sell of this country, in broad daylight, to his cronies.

Indeed he pockets the proceeds whilst we bicker!

The ANC should never have imposed Zuma on this country. It is now the duty of the ANC to remove this man from office immediately.

Is the ANC capable of this? Like Ahmed Kathrada, the nation needs to rise up and make it clear, we do not want Jacob Zuma nor his puppet Cabinet!

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