Mbete exposes own gross depravity

The depravity in the corridors of power in the ANC is simply unbelievable. Preceding demonstrations of depravity do not adequately prepare one for what has followed.

“These children have left us at a time those who we never saw toyi-toyi now toyi-toyi, saying Zuma must go. We say on top of these bodies we must continue with Oliver Tambo and Madiba’s work. Let’s fix our roads, transport, education.”

These depraved words were reportedly those of the chairperson of the ANC and the Speaker of parliament, Baleka Mbete, at the funeral of 16 young children who perished in an “accident” on one of our roads, the infamous R25.

This road is notorious for both its high accident rate and its terrible condition. Whilst the authorities are supposedly in the process of upgrading it, the last stretch of road will apparently only be upgraded in the 2018/19 financial year.

This is little consolation for the families of the little children and many others who have perished on this road.

These facts seemed to have eluded Mbethe when she went to that funeral like a wolf wearing sheep’s clothing. Seemingly she was there only to continue blindly protecting President Jacob Zuma.

This was a funeral for 16 children who died needlessly, not a platform for politicians or the beneficiaries of ANC looting where it might be expected for “comrades” to display their depraved tussles for power!

When Mbete said, without a hint of irony, “Let’s fix our roads, transport, education”, you could swear she was part of a new government that took power only the other day.

Yet it is her own government that has neglected roads, transport and law enforcement.

For her to start calling for road repairs at the funeral of children killed as result of terrible roads deserves the greatest contempt. Instead of building and fixing roads, her own government is fixated on soliciting bribes and enriching friends and family at the cost of the most vulnerable. This is appalling!

This government has blood on its hands.

Without a hint of terror about the implications of her words she went on to say, “… on top of these bodies we must continue …”.

On top of these bodies!? Whose bodies – our children? The children whose lives she and her government have so carelessly allowed to be squashed with their parasitic attitude to governance?

Is she referring to the twisted charred corpses children whose lives were so cruelly cut short? Clearly Mbete does not understand the callousness she betrays in referring to these children as merely “bodies”? Children, human beings, who died needlessly under her watch!

The dehumanising effect of her very own words was apparently completely lost on her!

To further demonstrate how unhinged she has become, she then, without a moment of hesitation, says, “We can’t let Tambo and Madiba down.”

Please tell her, she and her ilk already have – over and over again. They have done so in parliament, where she directly destroyed the essence of impartiality and democracy. They have done so in government, where BEE, large bribes and tenderpreneurship have become their tickets to fat bank accounts. They have done so when they destroyed jobs and downgraded our economy and country to junk status.

They continue to do so when they use racial rhetoric and divide our society over every conceivable difference.

Will someone please tell the woman she is an embodiment of the betrayal which her ANC now represents.

In teaming up with two other former presidents and a deputy, to build a national dialogue Kgalema Motlanthe, addressed the nonsense and deep depravity of the likes of Mbete.

“The moral failing of our day cannot be allowed to calcify into irreversible reality,” he said.

Indeed, it cannot be allowed! We must preserve South Africa for our children – and not on top of their bodies!

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