Selling our sovereignty is high treason

The reason for the ANC’s inability to discipline President Jacob Zuma and reign him in has been uncovered.

The thousands of e-mails which have surfaced paint a sordid picture of the extent to which the ANC has been infiltrated and turned into an enabler of the violation of our sovereignty.

More sleaze and dirt surfaces daily. Meanwhile, Zuma stays firmly put as both ANC president and president of the country. And still the ANC enables his family’s continued of plunder this country hand over fist, impoverishing the nation and betraying every decent value we have stand for.

For hundreds of years we, the descendants of Africa, have been pursuing freedom and liberation. All of that has been utterly and ruthlessly betrayed!

While some brave compatriots continued to sound the alarm, particularly in the last decade, none could have imagined the extent of the rot.

As a result, many days after the release of the first damning e-mails, no one has been charged. Instead the ANC decides on a commission of inquiry, to be appointed by the very sellout who set in place the grid for the crimes to take place. What an atrocity!

The ANC still imagines it can fiddle with the recommendations of the former Public Protector’s “State of Capture” report as they did with Thuli Mandonsela’s Nkandla finding.

Clearly Zuma should be nowhere near the presidential power which has allowed him to bestow such favour that it would compromise our sovereignty!

Surely this is treason? Surely he should be going to jail?

Unfortunately, the mammoth cost of this national disaster is being borne by the citizens of this country, particularly the most vulnerable among us.

This is the absolute antithesis of the views, philosophies and aspirations of our forefathers, and all of those who came before us.

This is opposed to everything Africa and ordinary Africans stand for and have stood for, for centuries.

Tragically Africa’s image has and, as Zuma demonstrates, continues to be so damaged by the wholesale looting of its own leaders that the inhabitants of this continent are associated with this ugly phenomenon.

Yet it is at odds with the real aspirations of ordinary African people.

Our story, tragically, is much like those of countless women who are raped and murdered by men they have trusted. In the moment of a woman’s vulnerability, criminals see an opportunity to violate, demean and destroy for their own narrow and senseless benefit.

In the same way, the colonialists, apartheid bosses, the ANC, and the Gupta-Zuma collaborative have violated and looted a similarly vulnerable South Africa.

These are wrongs which will not be easily forgiven, nor should they. Forgiveness after such abuse of our assets and our identity lies only in our ability to reclaim our dignity by taking hold of our destiny.

It is in charting a new course based on the same age old philosophy of inclusivity that may have seemed like gullibility and vulnerability to the short-sighted and greedy horde.

The violence we now see visited upon women and children in our society is no accident. It is a replication of the greater violence visited upon our whole society by those abuse power and afflict the vulnerable.

In the middle of all this we have the Western Cape Premier Helen Zille displaying a complete lack of understanding of the dynamics at play in the nation. It is possibly an unconscious act of marking herself as a political animal of the past, but in doing so she is not unlike Zuma.

Her unrelenting campaign to use her considerable power to stamp her right to offend, suggests that though supposedly part of Africa, she views herself not as African, but as superior to Africa.

She seems convinced that she can learn nothing from Africa, but that Africa must be grateful to be lectured by her. I do hope for her liberation soon!

Like the recently enlightened SACP, I believe criminal charges must be instituted immediately against those implicated in the leaked e-mails. Concurrently, a commission of inquiry must be conducted by a judge appointed by the Chief Justice as set out in the “State of Capture” report.

The passports of those implicated in criminal conduct must be withdrawn so they cannot run to Dubai. Nor must they be allowed to frustrate investigations. This is the only way to reclaim our lost national sovereignty.

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