Bypass makes up for bad water news

There was good news and bad news for residents of Buffalo City this week. First the good news for motorists: A bypass on the N2 is to be built around Butterworth. Hooray! And again, H-O-O-R-A-Y!

What a pleasure it is going to be being able to miss out the traffic and pedestrian chaos there. When you’re going somewhere, especially on a long trip, you want to get to your destination, be it on holiday or for business, as quick as you can and not stressed out by fighting your way through town centres.

What about combining a couple of more bypasses that would make travelling through Transkei even more acceptable and relaxing – like around Dutywa and Mthatha. Yes, start with Butterworth by all means, but maybe while all the machinery and stuff is hanging around, the other two can also be started.

Oh well, we can only hope, but thank you anyway to Sanral and the provincial government.

Then there was the bad news: due to falling storage dam levels, Buffalo City has introduced water restrictions which will affect consumers in various applications, such as washing clothes at communal taps, cleaning windows and buildings, washing cars, filling swimming pools, cleaning paved areas, building operations, and private gardens only to be watered at certain times.

Meanwhile, we wait in hope not knowing when we will get a decent bit of rain – or from which direction it will come. I mean 2mm of rain in the month of June is hardly even worth recording, but that’s what it was at the Chiselhurst where our one and only municipal rain measuring depot is situated.

It has been worse than that, but not much. The difference between 2mm and zero rainfall is slight, but look at the table (right) and you’ll see that in recent years there have been two months, September 2013 and October 2015, that 0mm was recorded.

A whole month without rain seems like an awfully long time when you’re hoping and praying for nature to send a few good downfalls your way. And there h

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