No need for us to sink along with Zuma, the Guptas and the ANC

For a moment there, I thought we were on the verge of a major shift away from our toxic political space.

However, intimidation, propaganda and the prospect of full tummies for ANC parliamentarians won the day.

The vote of no confidence in a man very few South Africans have confidence in failed.

I suppose it is true that something significant happened, nonetheless.

The fact that 26 ANC MPs voted in favour of the no confidence motion was a victory for democracy.

It means more ANC MPs have taken to heart the fact that they are supposed to represent, first and foremost, the people of South Africa.

This is what needs to be central in our political project: undivided service to the people of South Africa.

As always, these very important sentiments are completely foreign to President Jacob Zuma.

Just after the vote, he spoke to a group of people who had gathered outside parliament to support him, or … eh, the ANC, … eh or him and the ANC, or … eh, the ANC and him.

It gets confusing really. It’s a confusion Zuma and many propagandists in the ANC relish.

“I’ve just come to thank you. Those comrades in parliament came in numbers to demonstrate that the ANC is powerful and big.

“It’s difficult to defeat the ANC,” Zuma said.

Notice that Zuma frames the vote of no confidence in him as being a vote of no confidence in the ANC.

He has been very consistent in always framing his problems as the problems of the ANC.

This is partly why many of his supporters within and outside of the ANC have continued to support him.

They have fallen into the trap of confusing Zuma with the ANC.

The ANC also fell into the same trap. In a bid to latch onto a man regarded as popular among the “masses”, it has kept the tethers between itself and Zuma so tight that there is now no difference between Zuma and the ANC.

At every given opportunity to redeem itself the ANC has refused, opting rather to collapse itself into the Zuma cult.

That cult has since become the Zuma/Gupta monster.

The irony here is that, from the earliest of times, the ANC has sought to paint itself as the sole leader of South African society.

It has done much to rubbish the roles of the other political organisations in the struggle for liberation and the ushering in of the 1994 dispensation. And from then onwards, it has been on a massive drive to blur the lines between itself, the nation, the government and the state.

It took the idea of majority rule to undemocratic extremes, where the support of the majority morphed into a license for it to act without conscience, decency or regard for other minority members of society.

In other words, the ANC has sought to equate itself with South Africa. It has sought to create a confusion among the people so that a call to defend South Africa would mean a call to defend the ANC and vice versa.

That lie has ensured continued support for the ANC for more than 20 years.

Its legitimacy has been unquestioned for more than a decade.

It is only during the tenure of Jacob Zuma that the lie has been increasingly exposed.

And now, as the ANC clings to Zuma in the same manner Zuma clings to the ANC, the lie guarantees, more and more, the demise of both.

In the meantime, South Africans are stepping back. We are slowly disentangling ourselves from the ANC/Zuma/Gupta mastered hoax.

Now that the hoax has been exposed, I hope we will refuse to sink along with Zuma, the Guptas and the ANC.

The truth is that together, we were always much more than the ANC, Zuma or the Guptas.

Ever the racist and on a mission to perpetuate the hoax of his presidency, Zuma pointed to an “enemy” among us.

“You know these days even white people go to the streets to protest to try and boost their numbers. It is their own imagination that the ANC does not enjoy majority support. They will see in 2019 when the ANC once again enjoys the majority vote.”

No, Mr Zuma, stop all the gibberish. This has to do with you and your party disrespecting and dishonouring the ordinary citizens of this country, many of whom have supported you through thick and thin, while you have been busy stealing, lying, bullying people and destroying our future.

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