This was farce from beginning to end and any views is best left unsaid about Floyd

mayweather pic
mayweather pic
I am sure that every boxer fan is breathing sigh of relief with the farce between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor being behind us.

For a full month the boxing scene has been bombarded by this bout with even the main stream media caught up in the euphoria.

But to a hardcore boxing aficionado, it was nothing more than a business transaction masquerading as a boxing match.

Shame to all that endorsed it and have now upped Mayweather’s professional record to 50-0.

Ever a genius in lapping on anything that would add value to his boxing career, the self-proclaimed The Greatest of All Time (GOAT) Mayweather basking in the self-induced glory of breaking Rocky Marciano record of going 49 bouts without defeat.

Trust Mayweather to milk every opportunity which will make him appear superior to any boxer that ever fought.

The fixation about breaking Marciano record is surprising given the fact that so many other boxers have done so in the past. Heck Mexican legend Julio Cesar Chavez went 87-0 and his compatriot Ricardo Lopez was 50-0 going to his IBF world title clash against East London-based Zolani Petelo in 2001.

But no one ever crowed about it because it absolutely means nothing unless you are a Mayweather nut hugger.

For starters Marciano was a heavyweight boxer but even within the division he is not regarded as one of the best ever.

When debating about all-time heavyweight greats, names such as Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali are bandied about. The only sacrosanctity Marciano’s record has is the fact that Marciano died in a plane crash after retiring. But try saying that Mayweather’s fans and you will be met with accusations of being a hater.

Granted Mayweather will go down as the best business-minded boxer of all time and there is no shame in making as much money as one can.

The American is genius in exploiting the market having even competed in a wresting match before.

No one should be mad at him for using every conceivable mean to milk the market for every dollar.

But he should not dupe people by proclaiming himself as the GOAT when he avoided so many opponents and ensured that he held every advantage in his bouts.

His post-farce comment that he has left for good is music to those that are able to see through him.

Thank you for leaving and please do not come back.

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