What Kallie taught me: the Boer War was just a kerfuffle

AfriForum CEO Kallie Kriel.
AfriForum CEO Kallie Kriel.

Kallie Kriel‚ CEO of AfriForum‚ says that apartheid was not a crime against humanity because crimes against humanity require millions of people to be killed.

People are angry with Kallie‚ but I must say that he has helped me to change my view on another piece of South African history: the Anglo-Boer War.

I believe that a proper war is one in which many millions of people die‚ but it turns out that only 75‚000 people died in the Anglo-Boer War. I mean‚ that’s not even a minor battle in World War 1.

So was it really a war? Kallie has convinced me that it wasn’t. He’s helped me understand that the so-called Anglo-Boer “war” was really little more than a small skirmish‚ a minor scuffle‚ if you will‚ and certainly not worth memorialising.


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