Racist slander against Maimane is a fate suffered by all black men

Helen Zille and Mmusi Maimane in happier days when the DA thought he could be used to pull in black voters.
Helen Zille and Mmusi Maimane in happier days when the DA thought he could be used to pull in black voters.
Image: Moeletsi Mabe

The racist wire pullers of the DA have now decided that Mmusi Maimane has outlived his usefulness and must go.

The Toyota Fortuner scandal is a lousy pretext manufactured to paint Maimane as a typical black man who is as corrupt as the rest of us who look like him.

Even the allegations about his house are racist.

The average member of parliament can afford Maimane's house, financed by the bank at R3.5m. But the racists project Maimane as a suspicious black politician who cannot afford to live in Cape Town's southern suburbs, where the racists themselves live.

A black person who lives in a conformable home or who drives a luxury car is automatically suspected of having stolen money somewhere. That is the fate Maimane shares with all black people.

Ironically, the controversial Toyota Fortuner was donated to the DA — not Maimane — by one of the most corrupt white crooks of our time, Marcus Jooste, the swindler who robbed innocent investors of billions of rand in the disastrous Steinhoff Ponzi scheme.

Will the DA tell us how much money the Stellenbosch crook donated to the party?

Indeed, Maimane has always been protected and driven by the DA in a car belonging to the party. Even the Toyota Fortuner was rented under the name of the DA, not Maimane.

The whole saga has nothing to do with a car or a house; racists who disguise themselves as “liberals” have simply decided to take back their party from Helen Zille's black experimentalism. Zille herself has publicly expressed regret about her failed black project.

After the 2019 elections, DA racists were troubled that some of their friends had left their party to vote for the far-right-wing Freedom Front +.

The original plot was that Maimane would be used to dupe black people into believing that the DA is no longer a party for whites, even though whites continue to pull the strings.

In reality, the wire pullers did not worry about blacks not voting for the DA, as long as Maimane's presence in their midst did not threaten white support.

The party that promises 'One South Africa for All' has been accused of all talk and no action. The DA has found itself in multiple sticky situations, garnering criticism from all sides. Herman Mashaba, Mmusi Maimane and Solly Msimanga are some of the DA leaders who have found themselves in hot water. From illegal tender claims to an alleged Steinhoff-sponsored SUV. Many have questioned the DA's leadership and DA-led municipalities as they shift from one controversy to another.

The moment that happens, as we have witnessed in this year's elections, the black “puppet” must go.

At the centre of the storm is the same old racist belief that black people are fundamentally corrupt, and therefore they cannot govern. This belief has been held by white liberals and nationalists alike.

The strategy of the (mainly) English liberals has been to make black people feel as if they are regarded as equals while the liberals direct the whole show from behind the curtain.

Liberals have always regarded blacks as inferior. Lord Selborne, who succeeded Lord Milner as British governor in SA, was unambiguous about it: “The black man is absolutely incapable of rivalling the white man. No-one can have any experience of the two races without feeling the intrinsic superiority of the white man.”

When apartheid was approaching its end, Neil Barnard, apartheid's last chief of spies, made a presentation to Botha's cabinet imploring white people not to worry about the growth of the black population. He projected that by the year 2002 Aids would have reduced the black population to a level where whites, as Gerard Ludi wrote in The Communistisation of the ANC, “would almost certainly win back a majority”.

Indeed, Barnard did not imagine antiretrovirals or responsible behaviour on the part of black people. He stuck to the old script that viewed black people as a herd of sexually incontinent beasts.

When blacks were not wiped out by Aids in 2002, a new tactic of co-opting a few among them was experimented with. Now that this strategy is alienating a few racists, a decision has been taken to take back the white people's party — the DA.

Poor Lindiwe Mazibuko and Mmusi Maimane; they have been used as playthings in the hands of scheming racists. The mistake the racists are making is to think that black people do not see what is happening.

Let the racists take back their party, but they must not treat black people like mindless beings. We, too, have brains in our heads.


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