READER LETTER | BCM leadership absent in Fynbos housing fiasco

The housing debacle in Fynbos and Vergenoeg (War of the Houses, DD Nov 14) which is Buffalo Flats extension started on Monday, when illegal occupiers of houses were forcefully removed in the rain.

Image: Pixabay

Their furniture is still scattered on corners, soaking wet and spoilt by the heavy rains.

The question remains now where are our leaders to defend these homeless people? Or are they are actually helping the ANC put other occupants in these houses?

The reason for their generosity is unknown because these people are from elsewhere — from rural areas and other provinces. How  is that possible?

The scenario has turned racial with BCM standing in the middle doing absolutely nothing. Where is the mayor and his delegation to address the ongoing violence in these specific areas?

It seems they are not interested at all while the situation is becoming tenser and more violent by the day. This is a matter of extreme urgency as it is the very old and very young at risk in the violence. — Roy D Claasen, via e-mail

What is the matter with electricity billing system

After selling my home recently I have been living with my elderly sister until my new home is ready to move into. It has been a shock to see what the municipality is doing to the elderly (and many others I am sure).  There are eight units in the complex that she lives in, three of which get their electricity usage charges on their monthly BCM accounts.

Last month all three were charged an “interim” amount three or four times higher than normal. This means all three should have been credited on their next account. Instead they all got 'Urgent Notices' of intended disconnection.

This month their electricity usage charges were again three or four times higher than normal. These people are between 75 and 90 years old. It is really despicable to stress elderly folk like this and I question whether it is actually even legal to send out these notices when no readings have been done and they are so obviously incorrect. — Lee Hartley