OPINION | Reputable information is key to tackle Covid-19

Image: 123RF/Jarun Ontakrai

The spread of Covid-19 across the world, including SA, is understandably foremost in most people’s minds and tops the news agenda across the globe.

This is because the threat this pandemic poses to public health is dramatically changing the global landscape and impacting on us all — from the world economy going into free fall to travel curbs, from the cancellation of key sporting and cultural events to seismic shifts in how people school, work and even shop.

The sober message President Cyril Ramaphosa delivered to the nation on Sunday and the measures the SA government is taking to try stop this virus spreading across our country underlines the gravity of the situation.

We all need to play our part in halting the virus in its tracks. This means preventing the infection of people beyond the first group who contracted this coronavirus.

At the Daily Dispatch we are committed to playing our role, not least because we know that accurate information is essential to the wellbeing of the community.

We are taking steps to protect the health of our staff, visitors and customers and will keep you updated on these measures.

We will do our uttermost to provide the trusted journalism needed to ensure that we  come through this national disaster intact and strong

As journalists we perform an essential service and never more so than at a time like this.  During the past week we experienced  a massive surge in interest from readers who want to know what is happening and are reading practical and action-orientated articles.

We have already published a large number of articles, local and international, about Covid-19 in print, as well as online at DispatchLIVE where we have a dedicated page that includes links to other useful and reputable sites.

All the articles that we publish online about Covid-19 are free to access as we believe it is our duty to keep people well informed, not least because there is a tsunami of fake news that aims to whip up anxiety and fear.

We know that the months to come will bring many challenges. Small businesses are already feeling great strain, students are missing out on valuable education, and poor people lack the resources to battle this virus alone. The Daily Dispatch will do its uttermost to provide the trusted journalism needed to ensure that we  come through this national disaster intact and strong.