LETTER: South African citizens fed up with government corruption

Church leaders met in the city centre to call for an end to crime and corruption.
Church leaders met in the city centre to call for an end to crime and corruption.

In SA, there have been sporadic protests and widespread discussions on corruption. It is apparent that people are fed up with the level of corruption in government, especially about its procurement.

Many irregularities surface in the process of managing the outputs of public institutions. It is a normal task for the management in functional institutions to understand the root causes and the impact of corruption in their institutions.

There are identifiable reasons as to why our government systems in SA  are not robust enough and are susceptible to manipulation. We have had changes at a political level and at the top echelons of administration, change in the management plans all leading to fragile institutions and systems.

The way we deal with corruption in SA seems to suggest that there is only one player in the game —  government. Even those who have made corruption their daily lifestyle find themselves suitable to be critics or to blame corruption on government. Some taxi drivers who normalise bribing traffic cops, owners of driving school who facilitate purchasing of driving licenses and business owners who avoid paying taxes, and even those students who cheat during  exams find it rather normal to blame corruption on the government.

What is rather comical is that at times you hear  corrupt government officials blaming government for corruption. To such a person government is someone who holds a political office. This twisted view of what is corruption and who commits corruption needs to be rectified if we are to win the war against this cancer that is destroying our country. Ordinary South Africans needs to know that corruption can be done by anyone.

We should make our educational system strong on morality and ethics so that we groom a new generation of citizens that believes and respects social and economic justice.

Our government should reduce its reliance on the tendering system, as over the years the system has helped to accelerate corruption and wastage in the country. Systems in both public and private sectors do exist but they are overlooked.  


As citizens we must debunk the line of thinking that says corruption is only about power relations. . Its about social values and judging what is good and bad.

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