Elections 2016 like a hamburger: ANC is the meat in the bun‚ DA gets the roll

This election can best be described as a hamburger. Think three layers: bottom roll‚ the meat and top roll and you’ve got it.

South Africa’s electoral map looks increasingly like the three-layered American delicacy.

At the bottom is the DA roll extending from Cape Town across the map to Nelson Mandela Bay.

In the middle — the Northern Cape‚ Free State and the north of the Eastern Cape as well as southern KwaZulu-Natal — is the patty which is the ANC. It is the meat in the sandwich with by far the most votes and municipalities under its control.

Then there is some opposition garnish in the form of the DA and EFF in Gauteng and the IFP in northern KwaZulu-Natal.

On top of that is another roll which contains ever more of the EFF.

There you have it.

It would be tempting to give this burger ethnic characteristics‚ but this is now more difficult than ever.

The ANC has support amongst most of the traditional ethnic groups. The DA can finally claim to have moved away from the “white and coloured” category and then there is the EFF which appears to have support among a range of language-speakers.

Perhaps only the IFP and FF+ are truly ethnic in their orientation and it is significant that they do not enjoy major support.

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