EFF SRC member refuses to call Manamela ‘honourable’

Chaos erupted at the student movement dialogue event held at the University of Johannesburg in Soweto on Wednesday‚ when an EFF SRC member refused to call minister in the presidency Buti Manamela “honourable”.

After Manamela’s keynote address the debate turned sour when the university’s Prof Chris Landsberg opened the floor for questions from various university students who filled the Funda Ujabule School hall.

After asking his first question EFF student leader Khathutshelo Musetha said he did not understand why the panel which consisted of UJ SRC president Onwabile Lubhelwana‚ Wits SRC secretary general Fasiha Hassan and Unisa’s professor Geoffrey Setswe were referring to Manamela as “Honourable”.

“I will not refer to him as honourable. I think the issue of titles must be put aside when you deal with issues of dialogues because we will not be able to raise critical issues because of these titles‚” Mosetha said.

Campus security quickly entered the hall premises before the matter was settled by Landsberg‚ who calmed Mosetha.

Manamela remained calm throughout the confrontation.