Malema boasts: ‘Not even one EFF branch assembly was violently disrupted’

While apparent infighting over the ruling party’s mayoral candidate rages in Tshwane‚ the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) on Wednesday boasted that “not even one” of its branches’ meetings “was violently disrupted”.

EFF leader Julius Malema‚ in his monthly Radical Voice newsletter‚ said his “is the only major political party that has demonstrated high levels of intra-organisational discipline‚ inter-organisational and public discipline as it relates to other political parties and all people in South Africa”.

He added that with “individual and collective discipline‚ the strategic aims of the struggle for economic freedom will not be achieved”.

“Thousands of EFF candidates were selected in all the wards and there was not even one branch general assembly of the EFF that was violently disrupted because certain individuals did not make it into ballots‚” Malema wrote.

“No individual was physically harmed or threatened with violence due to internal election processes and activities of the EFF.

“This is not due to the newness of the EFF‚ but due to revolutionary discipline which our movement enhances and harnesses as a weapon to win the war for economic freedom‚” the firebrand leader declared.

He said the EFF had not “disrupted meetings of other political parties”‚ and noted that “on the contrary‚ the EFF suffers the highest number of meeting disruptions by the ruling party‚ and our activists and ground forces are intimidated‚ shot at and even killed for performing work of the organisation”.

On Tuesday‚ Malema and other EFF members travelled to the Sethokga Hostel in Tembisa to visit the families of Tsietsi Mothibe‚ 56‚ and Kenny Matjamane‚ who were killed during an election campaign in May.

They were forced to retreat from the compound by a group of men carrying sjamboks and pangas‚ but Malema described this action as the work of “tribalistic criminal thugs” rather than being of a political nature.

Malema mentioned these victims in his newsletter on Wednesday‚ along with “thuggery” in Mpumalanga and “disruptions” by other parties in KwaZulu Natal‚ and noted: “In all these instances‚ there is no visible police and law enforcement actions by the State.

“In all these instances‚ the EFF has not taken the law into its own hands‚ and not because we do not have capacity to defend ourselves‚ but because we are guided by the spirit of revolutionary discipline.”

“Our ground forces always appreciate that we stand a reasonable chance to conquer all enemy forces without shooting a single bullet.”

The ANC has‚ since the announcement that former cabinet Thoko Didiza is its pick to be mayor of Tshwane‚ been struggling to contain dissatisfaction in the regions’ branches‚ which had put forward incumbent mayor Kgosientso Ramokgopa and his deputy Mapiti Matsena for the post.