'I voted to fight corruption'

First-time voter Avuziwe
First-time voter Avuziwe

An 18-year-old first-time voter Avuziwe Genge advised whichever party wins the elections to fight poverty and create jobs.

She was speaking after casting her vote for the province as well as for the national assembly at Ziphunzana voting station outside Mthatha. 

Genge said she felt she was part of democracy when she made a cross for her chosen party and dropped it in a ballot box just before 10 am. 

“I took two taxis to get here from school to cast my vote,” said the bachelor of administration student.

She said she had been looking forward to the day and hopes her vote is not in vain.

“I am happy because I voted for change. I want a government that is going to create jobs. We have many people in my village that are unemployed but have qualifications.”

She said in addition to creating employment, government must also equip unemployed people with skills for sectors such as agriculture, to fight poverty.

“The incoming government must fight corruption to the core.”