Queuing to vote - and for free coffee

Image: Kaboompics/Pexels

After marking their ballots on Wednesday, voters could enjoy a cup of Wimpy Coffee on the house.

Gonubie Kings Mall Wimpy franchisee, Sjoukje Le Roux said that the initiative started during the last national elections in 2014 and that people had flocked to Wimpy  for their free dose of caffeine.

“It's been the busiest day of the year for us. We had a lot of people come in this morning so it was very hectic. It's slowed down a bit now,” said Le Roux.

“Everyone is always so excited to show us their thumbs and get their free coffee. We check that it's the correct stamp to make sure no one is lying,” she laughed.

She said that all Wimpy franchisees nationwide participated and that thousands of people throughout SA visited Wimpy on election day because of the initiative.

Le Roux and her staff had not yet voted by 2pm on Wednesday, but she said they would be closing early to give everyone a chance to vote.

"We're closing at 4pm so we can all vote later today," she said.​