IN QUOTES | The EFF will rule sooner than people think, says Floyd Shivambu

The EFF's deputy leader, Floyd Shivambu.
The EFF's deputy leader, Floyd Shivambu.
Image: Financial Mail

After six years, Floyd Shivambu is adamant the EFF is ready to govern SA.

Speaking on Newzroom Afrika, the party's deputy leader said it was a matter of time before the EFF took over and that Tshwane would have an EFF mayor.

Here are seven quotes from his interview:

EFF governing sooner

“Judging by what has been happening for the past six years, it looks like we are going straight to running this country. We are going to provide decisive leadership to the people of SA once they have trusted us with that responsibility, and it looks like it will be sooner than many people have anticipated.”

Numbers don't lie

“If you check the EFF numbers from 2014 to 2016, and to 2019, in Johannesburg, they have been consistently and impressively growing and that points to the direction that ultimately we will take over government.”

Voters' decisions

“Whether there must be a coalition government or not, it is the decision of the voter. The voters must choose if they want a government that is going to be provided by one political party.”

EFF's agenda

“The agenda of the EFF is not set by stratcom, it’s not set by the capitalist establishment, it’s set by the membership to make sure our people have access to clean water, electricity and free, quality education.”

Democratic right

“It is a democratic right of all EFF members to contest all leadership positions when they are vacant. The membership must freely determine who the leadership is.”

Conflicted Cyril Ramaphosa

“We have a conflicted president. When we go into detail with these people of what we can do to deal with illicit financial flows, tax avoidance and profit shifting, there will be no concrete solution, because it will compromise them.”

Inspiring confidence

“There is no-one in the ruling party that is inspiring confidence, no-one around the minister of finance is providing clearer, alternative perspectives.”