PE's Lawrence Troon resigns from ANC

Lance Troon
Lance Troon
Image: DispatchLIVE

Former Bay ANC councillor Lawrence Troon has resigned from the party, claiming "racism has captured" the organisation.

In his resignation letter to ANC Bay regional convener Nceba Faku, Troon said: "The complete ill-discipline and no consequences that have taken over the ANC is mind-boggling."

Troon wrote that there was a false notion within the organisation that coloured people did not bring votes to the ANC.

"I want to dispel that myth once and forever. In 2016, the Lillian Diedricks cluster received a target of 10,000 votes - up from its traditional 7,500 target - and the cluster got more than 23,000 votes that year."

"Instead it is in the core base of the ANC in the townships where people lost faith in the organisation," he said 

He said the party had sidelined other races with only one white and a coloured councillor in the ANC's ranks in the city's council.

"The recent developments within the ANC on a regional, provincial and national level led me to do deep introspection as to where the ANC is heading. 

"History tells us that all liberation movements go astray after governing for 25 years," he said.

"I was always optimistic that things would be different in our situation. But I have come to realise once history sets in no one can stop it.

"From August  27 2016, when we ousted the DA to present, the governance in the metro was horrific, to say the least.

"Zizi [Kodwa, head of President Cyril Ramaphosa's office at Luthuli House ] himself, has admitted that there are thieves and crooks in the ANC and they have captured the organisation," he said adding that he could safely say the ANC is dead.

Faku denied having received Troon's letter of resignation, saying the issues raised by Troon were internal matters.

"If there are any concerns that need to be addressed or concerns that are raised by members, they pertain solely to the ANC. They are not for public consumption," Faku said.