Helen Zille back on public Twitter after less than two months away

Helen Zille has 1.4-million Twitter followers.
Helen Zille has 1.4-million Twitter followers.

After “closing” her public Twitter account in a huff on February 17 - following the grotesque treatment her granddaughter received - former Western Cape premier Helen Zille returned to the platform last week.

Her fresh posts were mainly about challenges and proposals for the country's economic recovery after the outbreak of Covid-19.

In a series of tweets, in February, Zille announced she had closed her public account and said she had opened a private Twitter account @ZilleTweets where only approved followers can see her tweets. As of Monday, the account had 419 followers.

On April 8, Zille, who is the DA's federal council chairperson, returned to the public platform, where she has 1.4-million followers, by retweeting a tweet by DA interim leader John Steenhuisen that the DA was consulting lawyers on the legality of what he called the racialisation of the government's Covid-19 financial relief efforts.

She also retweeted the party's proposals for additional help to social grant beneficiaries, a “smart” lockdown and the DA's challenge to the ban on the sale of cooked food under Covid-19 regulations.

Reactions to her return on public Twitter were muted, with some welcoming her, one asking that she does not leave again, while another said Zille needed to grow a thick skin, and fast.