‘The struggle continues’: 5 reasons why Ace Magashule says he will never leave the ANC

Suspended ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule said he 'will die in the ANC'.
Suspended ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule said he 'will die in the ANC'.

Suspended ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule says he will not start his own political party because he “will die in the ANC”. 

Magashule made the statement while addressing party members outside the Pietermaritzburg high court when they gathered in support of former president Jacob Zuma on Monday. 

Zuma appeared at the court in connection with his corruption trial over his alleged role in an arms deal in the 1990s. His case was postponed to May 26.

Earlier this month, Magashule was barred from publicly speaking on behalf of the party and from lobbying anyone on its behalf.

He is also barred from speaking on any matter involving the party and may not mobilise any structure of the ANC or any organisation or any person on any ANC matters, especially on the issue of his stepping aside.

Here are five reasons why Magashule said he won’t leave the ANC:

‘Nobody under a democracy will ban’ him from the party

“Nobody under a democracy will ban me. Nobody will remove the ANC from me. I will not form any party, I will die in the ANC.”

The struggle continues 

Besikhona makulwa phela (We were in a fight). The struggle continues.”

He has support

“I will never leave the ANC, I will never be banned from the ANC. Next time when we come here on May 26, we will bring the whole of Free State. Not just ANC supporters, the whole Free State.”

He is part of the masses 

“I don’t mind what the media says about me. I am not a product of the media, I was not made by the media. I don’t need the media, I need the masses of our people, Africans in particular.”

ANC members still respects the leadership 

“The ANC is the ANC and in the ANC, even though we are upset, we still respect the leadership of the ANC. You will never lose anything if you respect the leadership of ANC.”