Opening for Komanisi to regain mojo

After reconciling with Lusanda Komanisi, Xaba Promotions and Events vowed to guide the boxer to a world title shot.

And so far they seem to be on course to do just that having managed to convince the WBO to put its regional belt at stake when Komanisi will be taking on unbeaten Filipino Jhack Tepora at Orient Theatre this evening.

It is about time Komanisi gets his day in the sun after enduring frustrating period of inactivity forcing him to jump from one stable to the next.

The reconciliation between the pair comes after the boxer publicly slammed XPE following his International Boxing Organisation featherweight title clash against former stablemate Macbute Sinyabi.

Komanisi came to the fight as an underdog to score a fifth round stoppage win to lift the vacant title which had been relinquished by Simpiwe Vetyeka.

Then under Rumble Africa Promotions, Komanisi considered himself as a top dog in the business and demanded to be treated as such in both welfare and purse earnings.

But in the fight against Sinyabi, organised by XPE as Sinyabi was under their wing, Komanisi criticised his treatment and his purse saying it was peanuts.

But when fights dried up he came crawling back asking for forgiveness.

Asked why he decided to forgive Komanisi after the public spat, XPE boss Ayanda Matiti said the boxer touched his inner side when he first approached his wife and admitted to be in the wrong for his past indiscretions.

“My wife sat down with me and reminded me that I and Komanisi come a long way,” he said.

“And she was right because Komanisi turned professional under my wing so in a way we have history.

“It is just that these boys sometimes become big-headed.”

Current SA junior-featherweight champion Ludumo Galada also added his voice in convincing Matiti to let bygones be bygones.

But the old rift seemed to be reopening up again at the premedical of the fight this week.

This when Komanisi staged a no-show leaving Matiti fuming.

After several promises from him that he was on the way, the boxer simply switched off his mobile phone forcing the premedical to be conducted without him.

Matiti understandably refused to comment on the latest fiasco.

However that did not end as those present started speculating especially given Komanisi’s weight struggle in his last bout.

This when he ended his almost two year inactivity to knock out Free State’s Thelo Dithebe.

But the fight was contested in a catchweight bout after Komanisi reportedly failed to make the featherweight limit.

This evening’s bout will be contested in the featherweight and with no title at stake it cannot be reduced to a catchweight.

Komanisi is big-boned and 27 years old his body is still developing.

Matiti had hinted of taking to the junior-lightweight to go after the IBO crown which was previously held by his other estranged boxer Malcolm Klassen.

Whether Komanisi’s no-show at the premedical had something to do with weight will be come out in the open by judging his performance tonight.

He may be able to beat the weight at the official weigh-in which was held yesterday after the Boxing Mecca had already gone to print.

But that does not mean that any weight reduction will affect his performance especially against a young, hungry, unbeaten and confident opponent like Tepora. The bout holds so many possibilities for the fighters. — Boxing Mecca

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