Critics react to decision to recommend SA as 2023 Rugby World host

South Africans have been walking with a spring in their step since World Rugby recommended the country as the host of the 2023 Rugby World‚ but not everyone has taken kindly to the decision.

SA's bid remains in pole position after scoring 78.97% in an evaluation process based on key objectives by a team of independent experts.

France came second with 75.88% while Ireland placed third with 72.25%.

The recommendation will be taken into consideration when the World Rugby Council meets in London on November 15 to decide on the winning bid.

This bit of news was too much for a Twitter user in Kilkenny‚ Ireland‚ and he took to the social media site and vented his frustration‚ even going as far as ridiculing SA's hosting of the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

But South Africans moved very swiftly and defended the country after Irishman‏ @jamesthemouler posted that the decision to recommend SA was a farce.

“SA to host #RWC2023 is a farce‚ they held a sh*t soccer World Cup and are one of the furthest venues from the majority of participants. If infrastructure was an issue‚ Ireland boasts an equivalent capacity for games with a shorter commute between the furthest host venues‚” he said.

There were also South Africans who did not celebrate the news and a user with the handle @ObliterationRSA was of the opinion that government should rather focus on dealing with the crime in the country.

“MORE reasons WHY #SouthAfrica must NOT Host Rugby World Cup. Widespread severe crime‚” the user tweeted

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