Nomeva jets home for just a brief while

Boxing Mecca was surprised when informed that Xolisani “Nomeva” Ndongeni is in town.

This when he was supposed to be preparing for his fight since relocating to US after his advisers revealed that he would be fighting this month. Ndongeni has been in the US for two months after going there to revive his career following disappointments back home.

Boxing Mecca tracked him down to find out what he is doing back home.

BOXING MECCA: I thought people were playing a fast one on me when they told me that you were spotted around East London. What are you doing back here when you are supposed to be preparing for a fight which was said would take place this month?

XOLISANI NDONGENI: Yes I am back but not for good. I am only here to sort out my personal stuff. I decided to come back early after the proposed fight this month fell off.

BM: Are you saying you will go back to US?

XN: Yes I will go back maybe end December or beginning January. I have been advised that the fight might take place in February next year. Let me add that I was going to come back for December holidays anyway, it is just that I came back earlier.

BM: How frustrating is it that your fights are kept being postponed?

XN: It is frustrating but taking into account of what I have experienced before this time I understand fully. For instance I am not kept in the dark and I know why I have not been given a fight as yet. So in that regard I can say although I want to get into the ring I also understand why I have not as yet.

BM: Give us a lowdown on how the training is at Mayweather gymnasium.

XN: Training is great and the gymnasium accommodates scores of other fighters. My main trainer is Luis Tapia who also handles others boxers such Layla McCarter and Andrew Tabiti to mention but a few. There are about 20 managers who work with their boxers in the club and I must say it is such a pleasure to train there.

BM: Have you learnt anything new there and how do you compare the training to SA gymnasiums?

XN: I cannot really say I have learnt anything new because training is training regardless of where you do it. The gymnasium is not that big. For instance it opens at 12 and closes at five so some boxers start early, train and leave.

BM: I know you have never paid attention to other boxers so I am not sure if you know Sharif Bogere of Uganda who also trains there.

XN: Yes I know Bogere and I have already sparred with him when he was preparing for his fight a few weeks ago. (BM note: Bogere beat Jose Luis Rodriguez last month). He is also a lightweight like me.

BM: Tell us about the sparring session with him.

XN: It was good but what I can say about sparring sessions over there is that they are like real fights. There is no holding back. So I do not want to say much about Bogere because I might fight him down the road.

BM: Is he not your gym-mate?

XN: We train in the same gymnasium but he has his own trainers and managers so he is not really my gym-mate like it is the case here in SA.

BM: Nomeva, who is taking care of your living expenses over there?

XN: Luis takes care of everything including my rental which is paid weekly. He also gives me weekly allowance so in that score I cannot complain.

BM: Did Luis also pay for your flight ticket back home?

XN: No, when I left Dr Phosa (Matthew) also gave us a return ticket so I used it to come back home.

BM: Thank you Nomeva and we are glad that at least you are happy with how things are over there. Hopefully you will get a fight and do what you went there for.

XN: That is my aim also because the real reason I went there was to revive my career by fighting. But I am really hopeful.

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