Matiti has great faith in young ring warrior

Xaba Promotions and Events has always been accused of throwing its young boxers into the deep end and the promotion giant is doing it yet again this evening.

This when XPE will organise a clash between its brightest prospect Uyanda Nogogo and seasoned campaigner Mxiwoxolo Ndwayana at Orient Theatre.

Nogogo, 18, has only started to fight professionally for eight months having made his debut in April with just four bouts under his belt.

On the other hand Ndwayana has been fighting for pay for seven years with 20 professional bouts including clashes against the top dogs in the land such as Tsiko Mulovhedzi and Thulani Mbenge.

In fact Ndwayana is one of only two boxers to take the hard punching Mbenge to a distance when he dropped a decision for the SA welterweight title clash in his last bout three months ago.

But all that means nothing to XPE whose militant stance has seen talented youngsters such as Siseko Nkohliso falling by the wayside.

This when XPE pitted the obvious still green Nkohliso against Thabiso Moorosi in a hideous mismatch which saw Nkohliso taking a brutal beating that literally destroyed his career.

XPE boss Ayanda Matiti has no illusion that Nogogo will emerge triumphant against Ndwayana. “In fact Nogogo is ready for anyone in the welterweight division in the land.

“People are still not convinced by the talent of this boy and I do not really blame them because he only turned professional this year. But after beating Ndwayana I am sure doubting Thomases will understand what I have been saying about him.”

In fact Matiti even wanted to match Nogogo against veteran Ali Funeka but the latter turned down the fight.

There is no denying that Nogogo is an uber-talent with power in both hands. He is also gifted with a wingspan making him difficult to hit. But he is yet to be tested by a boxer who will take the fight to him.

And that is exactly what Ndwayana will do as his style is moulded in aggression.

Some detractors believe that Ndwayana’s brawling style will play right into Nogogo’a heavy hands.

XPE bravado may either prove a masterstroke or backfire especially as Nogogo is tipped for nomination in the prospect of the year award.

“Nogogo is the hottest property in SA boxing,” Matiti argued. — Boxing Mecca

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