Mixed bag for Seagulls teams in their 100th anniversary tournament, see fans pics

The Seagulls U16 side suffered a disappointing loss going down 3-1 to Stars of India  in the 4th edition of the Cliffie Brown/Leon Meyer  Easter Football Tournament, which also served  as Seagulls' 100th Anniversary event at the Bunkers Hill sports fields on Friday.

With the result Stars secured their place in the U18 quarterfinals.

But for Seagulls U16 coach Clive Williams it was just another day at the office and he said his charges were eager to win but they went up against an experienced Stars side.

“Stars is a top playing team and they came into the game as favourites... my boys did well under difficult circumstances and they exceeded expectations because they were playing as U16 team against a top U18 side.  Most of the people here didn't expect us to survive, but my boys did it.  

“They went out there and showed true character and I'm glad, because I told them to go out there and enjoy themselves,” said Williams.

This report was written before the main matches was played on Friday night.

Friday Results:


Leeds 2  Milan 2

Atletico 2  Prides 1

Atletico 1  Leeds 1

Millan 5  Prides 0

Riverside 3  Central United 0

Swaraj 0  Pefferville 0

Central United 4  Pefferville 1

Riverside 2  Swaraj 0


U18 results

Leeds Bullets  0 Seagulls 0

Pefferville 1  Riverside 1

Future Stars 1  Central United 7

Prides 2  Leeds Attackers 4

Seagulls 1  Star of India 3

Atlantic Spurs 1  Riverside 1

Warriors 5  Future Stars 0

Leeds Attackers 3  Millan 1


Masters O35

MBSA 1  Prides Masters 0

Riverside 5  SAP 0

MBSA 4  Rovers 1

Seagulls 3  Leeds 0

Belstar 3  Rovers 1

Riverside 3  Breidbach Masters 1

SAP 1  Rainbow 0

Leeds 3  Violets 0


Seniors 1st Round

Future Stars 6  Warriors 0

ICC 0  Conquerors 0

(Conquerors won on penalties 5-3)

Napoli 0  Parkside United 4

Spartans 1  Atlantic Spurs 2

Riverside 3  Saints 0