Gypsy King’s return sets tongues wagging

Tyson Fury celebrates after defeating Wladimir Klitschko to become new world heavyweight champion
Tyson Fury celebrates after defeating Wladimir Klitschko to become new world heavyweight champion
Image: Getty Images

There is a saying that there is boxing and then there is heavyweight boxing.

This cannot hold truer than the attention Tyson Fury is getting for his ring return tomorrow.

One would swear that the Brit is fighting for a world title and not a no-hoper called Sefer Seferi who nobody has ever heard of.

Fury has not been in the ring since upsetting Wladimir Klitschko for a world heavyweight title in 2015.

But during that time Fury has made sure that he does not get forgotten as he issued plenty of contradicting statements be it retiring from boxing, continuing with it, admitting that he used drugs, the list is endless.

In between that he used every opportunity he got or he snatched by ridiculing every boxer in the heavyweight division from WBC champion Deontay Wilder to compatriot Anthony Joshua telling all those willing to torture their ears by listening to him that he could knock them out.

Strangely some people still take him serious and that is why this ring return has been eagerly awaiting even though he is fighting a nobody.

Like we once said, Fury’s remarks may be bordering on insanity but still they cast the spotlight on the heavyweight division which other than Wilder and Joshua has no other top dog to bark.

And so far he remains the man who totally outclassed a Klitschko who was considered a dangerous champion although Joshua may argue that he also not only beat Klitschko but he knocked him out.

We will not get into how who did better against Klitschko. Although Fury would love to remind us that he totally dominated the Ukrainian while Joshua went life and death before prevailing.

For now lets look at how the Gypsy King performs this weekend before assessing him.

This might be difficult though given the type of foe he will be facing.

But a Fury win is good news for the heavyweight division which needs all the attention it can get besides the Wilder-Joshua potential clash.

Fury is still unbeaten and in his mind there is no one who is good to beat him in the current crop of heavyweight boxers.

Sadly, the experts who agree that at his best and physical peak, Tyson is heads and shoulders above the rest.

Hopefully he can prove all that talk by first brushing aside this unknown Seferi guy.