DispatchOnline publishes selected content from the Daily Dispatch. In order to view all newspaper content, please subscribe to our e-Edition. A 14-day free trial subscription is available too.


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What is the e-edition?

The e-edition is a 100% digital replica of the printed newspaper which offers users many tools to enhance the user experience.


Why has the Dispatch decided to make this change?

Sadly the Eastern Cape region does not generate enough in digital revenue. Online advertising sales have been unable to sustain the quality online journalism the Dispatch brand prides itself on. Digital adverts are far cheaper than newspaper adverts and as a result it’s not a sustainable and viable business option.

Given the current financial climate, we regrettably had to disband the paper’s online team and redeploy them into print sections in the newsroom. The e-edition allows content be displayed in a user-friendly and accessible format with reduced production costs.

We are aware that there has always been a culture of free content on the Internet. However, for us to continue our high quality of reporting in print – and now replicated in the online edition – we appeal for your support and understanding. And at the price, we believe we are offering a good deal.

The Daily Dispatch looks forward to continued support from loyal readers as we continue our proud history as the award-winning paper of record in the region.

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Is billing recurring or monthly during the period?

No, the full amount for the period will be billed in one chunk upfront.


Is the e-edition free for print newspaper subscribers?

No. This is regarded as a separate commercial product and a separate subscription.
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Can I try for free?
Definitely. Brand new products takes a bit getting used to – and we invite you to give it a chance for free before deciding to commit to a subscription fee.We will give you the chance of trying a sample of the online paper without having to register. If you do register, we’ll give you the opportunity of a 2-week FREE trial before deciding to commit to a subscription of our e-edition.There is no obligation to subscribe when the trial is complete.

What response time will I get on support queries?

Most queries will be responded in 24 hrs, Mon – Friday.

Queries that are billing related or technical that we cannot answer will be referred to our partners in Canada and this may take longer and up to 48hrs with time differences.

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How can I get help?

Most of the questions you need answers are in this frequently asked questions but you can also get additional help via our call centre
at e-editionhelp@timesmedia.co.za


What is a sample edition and how can I access it?

From the front page where you find information on the e-edition there is a button you can click to view a single sample edition of the product and you can test this to get a feel for the product.

This is a quicker alternative to signing up for a free trial if you would like to see what is on offer.

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Is the e-edition only accessible to people living in South Africa?

No, anybody anywhere with an Internet connection and a credit card can subscribe.


I am overseas, can I only pay in South African rands?

No, you will be billed the South African rand equivalent in your local currency.

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Can I access my edition overseas if I am traveling?Yes, the product is Internet based and can be accessed with your login details anywhere in the world.[/box]

How many people can access the e-edition using my subscription at the same time?

Two users may use the e-edition at the same time using your subscription. For example, you may be accessing the content at the office and someone at home may be accessing the content on the same account.

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When is a new edition available?

The new edition will be available by 6am on the day of the edition.

Is the subscription auto-renewed?

No. Subscribers will be reminded via email when their subscription term is coming to and end and they will manually renew their subscription and pay for a new subscription term.

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What payment mechanisms can I use?
At this point, payment can only be made via credit card.


Is the transaction safe?

Our suppliers are using secure credit card transaction security and protocols. They have thousands of customers all over the world who are safely using their payment mechanism.

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If I change my mind about my subscription can I cancel?

Yes, refunds are issued.