ANC loses Nkandla to IFP

President Jacob Zuma’s bold prediction that he would soon be living in an ANC-run municipality has fallen flat.

President Jacob Zuma
President Jacob Zuma

Results issued by the Electoral Commission at 2pm Thursday show that the Inkatha Freedom Party has comprehensively won the municipality‚ obtaining 54% of the vote.

Zuma’s African National Congress obtained 44.25%.

After the 2011 local government election‚ Nkandla was run by a coalition of the National Freedom Party (NFP) and ANC. However‚ within two years of the vote‚ the IFP gained outright control after by-elections.

Shortly after voting on Wednesday at the Ntolwane Primary School‚ just a few kilometres from his homestead‚ a jovial Zuma expressed confidence that he would wake up in an ANC-controlled municipality. Zuma’s Ward 14 was won by the ANC in 2011.

“I will wake up in the municipality of the ANC. That’s what we’ve been working for. I’m satisfied and I voted correctly [for the ANC]‚” said Zuma.

However‚ with the IFP having 15 wards and the ANC 12 in the Nkandla council‚ the president‚ in fact‚ will continue to live in an IFP municipality.

WATCH: ‘I will wake up to an ANC-run municipality’ — President Zuma casts his vote in Nkandla – 


  1. Jacob, if you build you own Taj Mahal, on the back door step of Poverty, you have effectively SLAPPED them in their faces. They have just returned that SLAP + Vat.
    Now go to court and answer 783 !!!!!!

  2. You are not as popular as what you thought you were. Even the people in your village are tired of your skulduggery.

  3. Pitty the ANC did not win in his area. That way he could then also first hand experience the crap service from ANC municipalities.

  4. Its of vital importance to listen attentively to your people and respect their opinions !the people has spoken!the people shall govern

  5. U are selfish n arrogant u dnt think for ur people who made u 2day 2b a president.ANC will still loose if u dnt step down as president.

  6. Congratulations, all you have voted in KZN… He must pack up and go. He is not one of us and flaunted the laws on our doorstep. Please leave and take your henchmen with you.

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