Lady Zamar uses genre to tell her life’s experiences

Dance music vocalist Lady Zamar was in East London yesterday on a promotional tour of her first solo album, King Zamar.

It has been a long time coming for this Pretoria artist, who has made famous hits such as Mamelodi, Cotton Candy, Love is Blind and Charlotte by Prince Kaybee.

ON THE RISE: Lady Zamar has launched her long-awaited debut solo album

Speaking to the Daily Dispatch, Lady Zamar said she started working on the album last year. She wrote all 14 of the songs.

“I was scared at first but I made up my mind and knew this is what I wanted.”

Lady Zamar said she started singing at the age of six and looked up to artists such as American singer-songwriter Tracy Chapman.

She made her debut in the industry in 2011 with songs such as Mamelodi and Cotton Candy, which she produced with Junior Taurus.

The duo’s album was nominated for best duo album at the Metro FM Awards and two South African Music Awards nominations for best dance album and best duo.

She also worked with Prince Kaybee, Mshega, DJ Fortee, Lulo Cafe and DJ Tira.

Her first single on the album, Love is Blind, has already gained quite a following around the country.

She made an effort to come up with different sounds on the album, and is currently promoting her latest single, My Baby, which is also on the album.

“It is difficult to sing someone else’s music unless I know that person well,” she said, but added writing songs was not easy either.

For the album, she wrote about things that she has been through in life.

Lady Zamar said her album was her story and she hoped fans would listen to it as though they were reading a book.

“This is about intimate experiences. This is a story and it should be listened (to) as such. It’s moment by moment and I would really like for people to immerse themselves in every chapter.”

She first thought of naming the album The Beginning but decided against that, feeling it sounded too much like a hip-hop album.

Instead, she chose to name it King Zamar because kings are powerful.

“I believe I am unique and no one can do what I can offer to the music industry.”


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