WATCH: Serena’s magical journey to motherhood

Tennis champ Serena Williams has finally shared the first snaps of her baby girl‚ Alexis Ohanian‚ who is now almost two weeks old.

The tennis champ and her fiancé‚ Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian‚ welcomed their daughter on September 1.

Serena took to her Instagram to officially introduce her to the world.

15 hours after she shared the picture it had already received over 800‚000 likes and nearly 30‚000 comments.

She also shared the sweetest video on her website‚ showing special moments from her pregnancy announcement to the day she held little Alexis in her arms. The video montage was done on Snapchat and it was one of these messages that Serena mistakenly posted on her Snapchat account to the public‚ announcing the news.

Source: TMG Digital.


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